Clean your gutters

October 10 2020

A clean and properly flowing gutter can help save you from unexpected problems and expenses. Now that fall has arrived, be sure to take the time to keep your gutters clean!

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Roof damage done recently?

August 7 2020

Have recent winds or potentially fallen items damaged your roof?  Give us a call so we can discuss what can be done! 610-588-8444

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Roof repair

June 5 2020

Need roof repair?  Sometimes you may not need your whole roof replaced. Give us a call, we would be glad to assess the situation and give you our advice, feedback and discuss what steps we can take next. See why we have been in business since 1980! 610-588-8444

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Snow on your roof

January 17 2020

So far we have been lucky to have a pretty warm winter.  Our roofs have been singing praises as snow has not weighed them down.  Have you found yourself doing the same, or is your roof having problems?  If so, we offer Free Roofing Estimates and look forward to hearing from you.  

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Residential & Commercial Roofing Contractor

August 12 2019

Residential or Commercial we specialize in all your roofing needs!  

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New roof quote

August 2 2019

August is here, and soon we will be kicking ourselves saying “Why didn’t I get those outside projects completed”.  Now is the time to get your new roof installed, prior to having to wait through another winter. Give KLR Associates a call, we have over 3,000 satisfied customers, have been in business since 1980, and […]

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Roofing quote

March 22 2019

With winter in the rear-view window it’s time to give your roof the much needed attention it deserves.  Schedule a roofing quote today by calling 610-588-8444  

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Is your roof in need of a replacement?

February 25 2019

Winter still is not over, so we’re not totally out in the clear just yet.  Although, now is the time to start planning and calling the KLR Associates Inc team to discuss and schedule your roof replacement.  Visit or call 610-588-8444

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Roof leaks happen.

October 12 2018

Some leaks we can’t even see until it’s too late. Others we catch quickly. Whether you have a big leak, small leak from poor flashing, leaking skylight, or leaks due to improper installation, we’re here to help.

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We Replace Roofs the Correct Way

October 9 2018

The first step we take when installing a CertainTeed Integrity roof system is to inspect the underlayment and replace all rotted lumber.   Then we pull all the old flashing off install new install ice and water shield and the skylight  

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